Tiny Ruins 'Carriages' by Lucy Luscombe

Tiny Ruins 'Carriages' by Lucy Luscombe
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Lucy Luscombe's new video for New Zealand band Tiny Ruins' Carriages shows exactly why she's regarded as a young British director of rich promise. It's a piercing drama about British malehood and inter-generational rivalry, in the setting of a group of blokes out on a serious bender.

Ian Harte gives a brilliant performance as the patriarchal leader of the gang, initiating a young, son-like individual played by Nico Mirallegro into his boozed-up fun and games - but also feeling threatened by him. The simmering tensions between the two are utterly believeable, and the dynamic of other relationships within the group also laser-sharp. 

Something bad is going to happen, but when it finally does the director still doesn't overplay it. Very impressive indeed. 

From the director


"I’m always trying to create a juxtaposition between visuals and music so when Hollie sent me the track I knew I wanted to pair the soft feminine vocals with really masculine visuals.

"Her lyrics reflect a real sense of longing, existential questioning, so milestones and what surround them came to mind pretty quick. I thought of a stag do, dynamics shifting, the pain of being left behind, wasted middle-aged men crying out for something and the general weirdness of organised fun.

"I had to leave London for this one as I wanted to explore a type of masculinity that has room to flex outside of a city. I needed to get that big fish small pond characterisation across so we headed to Southend. 

"I tend to always end up filming live locations which doesn’t make things easy but real people excite me as does the risk of working things out on the spot. So all the extras you see were there on the day as we didn’t have budget to close anywhere down but Chris Clarke (DP) makes the impossible - possible and will go ahead and light a functioning restaurant, bar, wherever and worlds continue.

"Ian’s energy was relentless throughout the shoot, he gave Nico so much to work with who in return was incredibly reactive in the most subtle of ways. All the guys ran hard with whatever objectives I gave them throughout a crazy shoot soundtracked by a lot of Depeche Mode." 


Lucy Luscombe
Production Company
Radical Media
Executive Producer
Ben Schneider
Franny Zywicki
Merlin Merton
Director of Photography
Chris Clarke
Dave Webb
Bella Union
Richard Fearon
Grading company

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