Arcade Fire 'We Exist' by David Wilson

Arcade Fire 'We Exist' by David WilsonArcade Fire 'We Exist' by David Wilson
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David Wilson delivers a righteous, ultimately joyous accompaniment to a classic Arcade Fire cri de ceour We Exist, thanks to a gripping performance by Andrew Garfield, showing that he is a more courageous actor than the Amazing Spider-Man allows. 

In fact, this also involves a change of garb, but a more profound transformation. The Garfield character's need to express himself as a woman leads him to a bar where he puts himself at the mercy of the local rednecks. But the predictable outcome of victimisation and violence - with echoes of Boys Don't Cry, the film about the murder of transgender teenager Brandon Teena – gets turned on its head.

Drama becomes fantasy, as Garfield's aggressors become dancers - this is the second collaboration in quick succession, between David Wilson and choreographer Ryan Heffington who (as well as working on the Sia Chandelier video) choreographed David's superb video for Hercules & Love Affair's I Try To Talk To You.

And then comes the brilliant payoff. Garfield is led by his dancer guardian angels through a portal into the real world: Coachella 2014, and Arcade Fire are playing We Exist. A moved (or quite possibly terrified) Garfield joins the band on stage. What a moment. 


David Wilson
Executive Producer
Sue Yeon Ahn
Jason Baum
Production Company
The Director's Bureau
Director of Photography
Larkin Seiple
Ryan Heffington
Ari Robbins
1st AD
Jesse Fleece
Art Director
Jason Kisvarday
Francis & Pereira
Casting director
Hayley Simpson/Plaster Casting
Thomas Grove Carter
Editing company
Trim Editing
Simon Bourne
Grading company
Chris Bristow
VFX Company
Director's Rep (UK)
Colonel Blimp
Lead Actor
Andrew Garfield
Hani Abaza, Tom Pardoe, Logan Schyvynck, and Austin Westbay
Preston Acuff, Gregoer Boru, Jacob Peacock and Steven Vulin
Old Couple
Barbara Conway and Greg Lucey
John Whitaker
Super 8mm footage (unused, but very much appreciated)
Tag Christof
Special thanks
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
Very special thanks
Our Lady J who was an integral source of knowledge and wisdom as well as a pillar of strength and support throughout the process of making this film. We love you.

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