Triggerfinger 'Perfect Match' by Joe Vanhoutteghem

Triggerfinger 'Perfect Match' by Joe VanhoutteghemTriggerfinger 'Perfect Match' by Joe VanhoutteghemTriggerfinger 'Perfect Match' by Joe Vanhoutteghem
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Coming shortly after his version of a performance video for Editors, Joe Vanhouttteghem is now spoiling us. Here's his new video for Belgian outfit Triggerfinger – and he's treading new ground here too.

The video for Perfect Match sees Joe's take on the sex comedy. Which means a whole new level of slightly unsettling reality-suspension and weirdness has been added. 

What's going on? That's not so easy to explain. It's a fastmoving story of partner-swapping in the holiday homes and chalets of a coastal town - with a bit of noir thriller thrown in - almost entirely viewed from the interior of a car that drives itself. Ruben De Block, the singer of the band, appears in the back of the car - sometimes.

"If you can figure out the story of Perfect Match, do tell us," say Czar, Joe's production company. That might be asking a bit too much, but its very entertaining nonetheless.


Joe Vanhoutteghem
Director of Photography
Lieven Van Baelen
Executive Producer
Eurydice Gysel
Matthias Schellens
Kristof Van Den Bergh
Martin Leroy
Post production company

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