Queens Of The Stone Age 'Smooth Sailing' by Hiro Murai

Queens Of The Stone Age 'Smooth Sailing' by Hiro MuraiQueens Of The Stone Age 'Smooth Sailing' by Hiro Murai
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Queens Of The Stone Age singer Josh Homme is the businessman enjoying a celebratory night on the town in Tokyo with his Japanese colleagues in Hiro Murai's promo for the band's new single Smooth Sailing. And perhaps not surprisingly, things get a little out of hand...

In fact, this is a brilliant thrill-ride, as serious saki-drinking and drugs leads from fun to obnoxiousness and way beyond. Hiro captures much of this in the tried-and-tested style pioneered by Scorcese in Mean Streets. But what is so transfixing about this is sensing something really bad is going to happen. And it does. 


Hiro Murai
Production Company
Doomsday Entertainment
Jason Colon
Executive Producer
Danielle Hinde
Director of Photography
Larkin Seiple
Elise Velasco
Jacquelyn London
Hiro Murai
Ricky Gausis
Grading company

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