We Cut Corners 'Best Friend' by Kijek / Adamski

We Cut Corners 'Best Friend' by Kijek / AdamskiWe Cut Corners 'Best Friend' by Kijek / AdamskiWe Cut Corners 'Best Friend' by Kijek / Adamski
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Polish animation duo Kijek and Adamski are not wedded to a particular animation style. But their video for We Cut Corners' A Pirate's Life back in 2011 was hand-drawn, and so is their new one for the Irish band's latest, Best Friend.

Once again, figurative chalk-like illustration veers into flights of imagination, as one man's cigarette break sparks visions of street violence and rioting. Its certainly timely, reflecting the current political turmoil and civil unrest in neighbouring Ukraine. But it has its lighthearted side with lots of visual jokes - and there's Hergé-esque amounts of billowing smoke...

From the director


"The video is hand-drawn on a graphic tablet with customized brushes by two people in three weeks. Pretty simple process. When comes to the imagery on the other hand, it's rather complicated and multilayered. 

"We tried to capture the introverted / extrovert nature of the main character. Head in the clouds / one against all dichotomy. We found smoking a cigarette to be perfect allegory of this state. It is relaxing and intimate in a way but yet it is being associated with a naive teenage defiance at the same time. We could recap the whole piece as an 'inner riot'. 

"The individual images are loose connotations to many revolts that have been taking place for few recent years in various parts of the world for many reasons (especially what preceded the recent Ukraine conflict). A trained eye will find more hints.

The main idea for this video is also a pretext to play with smoke and fire in animation."


Kijek / Adamski
Director's Rep (UK)
Strange Beast

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