Broods 'Never Gonna Change' by Remi Weekes

Broods 'Never Gonna Change' by Remi WeekesBroods 'Never Gonna Change' by Remi WeekesBroods 'Never Gonna Change' by Remi Weekes
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Remi Weekes, one half of directing team Tell No One, has directed this video for New Zealand duo Broods which is a very atmospheric, and very damp, ghost story.

A man mysteriously emerges from a lake to return to a caravan in the nearby woods, and is reunited with his astonished loved one. The sense that something is seriously amiss increases throughout, especially as water issues from him like an increasingly broken tap. And then so does everything around him...

A very spooky story, superbly shot by DoP Patrick Meller - and Remi created the entirely convincing water effects, and sound design, himself.


Remi Weekes
Production Company
Good Egg
Executive Producer
John Hassay
Production Manager
Angelica Polonczyk
Director of Photography
Patrick Meller
Art Director
Mikey Hollywood
Joseph Crone
Hair & Make-up
Candy Alderson
1st AD
Lewis Arnold
Nathan Matthews
Ross Hallard
Richard Fearon
Sound design
Remi Weekes
Remi Weekes
Director's Representation
Marisa Garner @ Marisa Garner AssociatesMarisa Garner @ Marisa Garner Associates website
Semera Khan

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