ExitMan 'Love Proof' by Kate Hardie

ExitMan 'Love Proof' by Kate HardieExitMan 'Love Proof' by Kate Hardie
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Shot on a no-budget basis at a tiny local cafe (Mario's), Kate Hardie casts actor Tom Brooke as the dancing waiter in this utterly charming promo to Love Proof by ExitMan - aka Trainspotting actor Ewen Bremner.

"I’ve always been a massive fan of Kate as an actress, a writer and a film maker as she has a completely unique perspective and energy," says Ewen. "We’ve talked about a doing a million projects over the years, but this is actually the first time we’ve ever worked together. 

"There's no label involved in this project and no budgets for videos, so it was very brave of Kate to cook up the whole production and pull it off. Tom Brooke is by far my favourite young British actor, so I was awestruck to have him agree to do this and leap in to the world of dance." 

From the director


"We were really interested in trying to tell a proper little story. I love music videos and the freedom a random music based edit can give, but we were also very inspired by old fashioned musicals- the slightly comedic dance routine stuff of the forties- by guys like Donald O'Connor and Gene Kelly.  

"So as tempted as we were to go freestyle music vid styley - we decided to take our lead from them and try a little linear time dance-based story.

"Love Proof is such a gentle and oddly dream-like song and there was something gentle and dream-like about the story of this quietly magical guy writing it for Ewen. The film is a really low fi-made with love, seat of your pants, lets give it a go- production, and we had a blast doing it". 


Kate Hardie
Bonnie Oddie
Kate Hardie
Movement Director
Bonnie Oddie
Director of Photography
Andy Lowe
Camera Assistant
Lyle Hart
Sound Recording
Thomas Markwick
Sound Mix
Stevie Haywood
Simone Grattarola
Andy Barnard
Klaus Heidecke
Design Advice
Jacqueline Abrahams
Special Thanks
Jean Hart
Special Thanks
Toby Elwes
Special Thanks
Special Thanks
Mario's Cafe
ExitMan (Ewen Bremner)

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