Kyla La Grange 'Cut Your Teeth' by De La Muerte

Kyla La Grange 'Cut Your Teeth' by De La MuerteKyla La Grange 'Cut Your Teeth' by De La Muerte
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For their fifth collaboration with Kyla La Grange, De La Murete reference classic 80s and 90s children's movies Gremlins, Never Ending Story and Dark Crystal adding their own dark twist.

An unusual little girl is drawn down a dark alley by a light emanating from an abandoned garage. What she finds is a world of skeletons, talking parrots and living toys led by Kyla herself...


De La Muerte
Production Company
Burning ReelBurning Reel website
Harvey Ascott
Executive Producer
Cal Gordon
Production Assistant
Matt Smith
1st AD
Danny Garcia
Director of Photography
James Rhodes
Focus Puller
Dave Litchfield
2nd AC
Gary Long
Aaron Walters
James Baker
Editing company
Final Cut
Mike Tyler
Grading company
Burning Reel Post
Art Director
Charlie Whiteway
Isabella Summer
Sophie Cox
Director's Representation
Marisa Garner @ Marisa Garner AssociatesMarisa Garner @ Marisa Garner Associates website
Sony Music
Elizabeth Doonan
Claire McGonigal

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