Metronomy 'I'm Aquarius' by Edouard Salier

Metronomy 'I'm Aquarius' by Edouard SalierMetronomy 'I'm Aquarius' by Edouard SalierMetronomy 'I'm Aquarius' by Edouard Salier
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Astronomy meets astrology meets Metronomy in Edouard Salier's gorgeous video for the mesmerizing I'm Aquarius.

There's a healthy nod to the sci-fi book cover art of Chris Foss, and a quaintly retro view of all things intergalactic, as Edouard and his team takes Metronomy mainman Joe Root to the planet of his dreams, via a combination of in-camera and digital effects. 


Edouard Salier
Production Company
SomesuchSomesuch website
Production Company
IconoclastIconoclast website
Lee Groombridge
Executive Producer
Tim Nash
Production Manager
Peter Arboine
1st AD
James Dyer
2nd AD
Danny Groombridge
Director of Photography
Arnau Valls
Focus Puller
Dan West
2nd AC
Deepa Keshvala
Sid Jones
Production designer
Jon Henson
Tina Kalivas
Vi Sapyyapy
Adrien Pinault
Art Director
François Peyranne
Sylvie Landra
Fred Olzak
Jane Third
The Creators Project
Executive Producer
Sally Campbell
Head of Music
Natasha Tan
Josh Andrews
Kharmel Cochrane & Philippe Ekobi
Projection Technical Director
John Montague
Media Servers
James Baker
Models & SFX
Evolution vfx & Mattes & Miniatures
Concept Designs
Painting Practice
Behind the Scenes
Steve Shaw
Digital Painter
Fabien Roumazeilles
Look development/Lead compositors
Xavier Reyé, Julien Michel, Damien Martin
Compositing artists
Michel Charpentier, Fabrice Fernandez
Previs Artist
Yvan Ngnodjom
Roto supervision
Ronald Grauer
Roto Artist
Laureline Silan, Javier Garcia del Rio, Min-Hui CHANG
Assitant editor
Aurélien Merlhès, Vincent Ausefage, Aurélie Lafitte
Jean-Matthieu Seneca
In Out
Amandine Moulinet, Tom Doumaux, Romain Moussel, Maxime Laurent
One light grading
Julien Bodart, Maeva Drouin, Arnaud Laurent, Anne-Sophie Queneuille
Final Grading
Didier Lefouest
Visual effects producer
David Danesi
Post-production managers
Emmanuelle Morel, Vincent Leroy
Laurence Pullinger

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