Dizzee Rascal 'Bang Bang' by Greg Francis

Dizzee Rascal 'Bang Bang' by Greg FrancisDizzee Rascal 'Bang Bang' by Greg Francis
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Greg Francis takes the viewer into a dark and mystifying underground world run by illustrious ladies in his promo for Dizzee Rascal's Bang Bang.

With some excellent effects work from Rock Star, Mr Rascal deploys his best mafia-style performance, looking sharp, gritty and cool... 

From the director


"I've been a fan of Dizzee Rascal for the days of him on pirate radio years back. So being asked to collaborate with him on his new single was lot of fun. He's no longer that teenaged MC. He's grown as an artist now.

"So one thing I aimed to do was to merge the 'two Dizzee's' that I know. Mature, stylish visuals juxtaposed with a darker, edgier aesthetic. So I hope that comes across."


Greg Francis
Production Company
Luti MediaLuti Media website
Chance Wilson
Executive Producer
Luti Fagbenle
Production Manager
Stefano Moses
Director of Photography
Stefan Yap
1st AD
Afzal Robbani
Yan Murawski
Art Director
Charlie Whiteway
Rock Star VFX
Dirtee Stank
John Moule

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