GE & CSX 'Over 2 Million Containers, 2 Thousand Routes' by Noah Conopask

GE & CSX 'Over 2 Million Containers, 2 Thousand Routes' by Noah Conopask
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This two minute video directed by Noah Conopask, with music by Reuben Wu of Ladytron, is a celebration in time-lapse photography of the awesome precision of heavy machinery at work. 

Created for General Electric and CSX, Noah and Reuben spent a few days at CSX's intermodal facility in Ohio filming, recording, and rigging cameras on trains, cranes, and containers in order to demonstrate the complexity of the tightly-orchestrated intermodal system - which is the process of moving goods across trains, trucks, and ships.

The music includes terminal sounds captured by Wu onsite and incorporated in his original score, and this is essentially a heroic vision of essential industrial activity. Transformers looks a bit lame in comparison. 


Noah Conopask
Keenan Flynn
Alexander Hammer
Director of Photography
Noah Conopask
Production Company
Good CompanyGood Company website
Agency: The Barbarian Group
2nd Unit DP
Matt Lowe

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