Chase & Status ft. Jacob Banks 'Alive' by Josh Cole

Chase & Status ft. Jacob Banks 'Alive' by Josh Cole
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Josh Cole has done it again. His first video since winning an MVA for his awesome Manila-set video for Rudimental's Not Giving In, for the Chase & Status's Alive ft. Jacob Banks, is another compelling tale of young lives engaged in a daily dangerous struggle for survival in a far-flung community.

In this case, Josh and his crew travelled to the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana to tell the story a young man's path back to his Native American roots, via tragedy. Like the Not Giving In video and other examples of his work, Josh Cole takes you into a very harsh world, shows bad things happening - and why - but it also reaches for the stars. Superb.   



Josh Cole
Lundi Shackleton
Production Company
Les Espoirs
Associate Producer
Jake Bowers
Line Producer
Allison Whitmer
Director of Photography
Luke Jacobs (DoP)Luke Jacobs (DoP) website
Ruth Hegarty
Sterling HollyWhiteMountain
Nick Davies
Houmam Abdallah
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
James Hackett
Mercury Records
James Lambeth And Noel Lucas
Post Sounds Assistant
Gaz Steel
Assistant Editors
Edward Cooper, Katherine Janes And Naman Ali.
Edit Producer
Polly Kemp

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