Dizzee Rascal 'Love This Town' ft. Teddy Sky by Ian Robertson

Dizzee Rascal 'Love This Town' ft. Teddy Sky by Ian Robertson
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Dizzee and his pals are gathering on the streets of London, all hooded-up, and the message is clear from the BBM message he sends at the start: RIOT!

But not quite like the one from a couple of years ago. Dizzee has got together with Ian Robertson to make his video for Love This Town (featuring Teddy Sky) to toy with viewer expectations, and produce a comic riff on the 2011 which manages to be wacky, warmhearted and, most importantly, very funny.

Just when you think that this group of masked marauders must be about to cause mayhem in London's mean streets, they commit another outrageous act of boy scout-style neighbourliness. 

Dizzee may be the only UK artist at the moment with the charm, credibility and arguably the wit to pull this off. He's found a perfect collaborator in Ian Robertson, who showed what he could do with comedic narratives for Duke Dumont and Skream, and once again gets maximum comedy value from various set-pieces. Particularly good is a feelgood replay of the mugged Asian student incident from 2011. LOL. 


Ian Robertson
Corin Taylor
Executive Producer
Tamsin Glasson
Production Company
Colonel Blimp
Director of Photography
Richard Stewart
Production Manager
Beatrice Warren
1st AD
Kerry Green
Art Director
Laura Johnstone
Bex Crofton Atkins
Claire McGonigal
Editing company
Final Cut
Julien Biard
Grading company
Chris Bristow
VFX Company
John Moule
Seng-Chien Tsai, Anton Campbell, Jason Newell, Laurent Nethersole, Kyler Dapaah, Kamari Hitten, Rudy Valentino Grant, Faris Rai, Reuben Bainbridge, Gordon Bibby, Rachel Laboucarie, Abigail Hamilton

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