Prangsta Costumniers 'Alive' by Samuel A. Martin

Prangsta Costumniers 'Alive' by Samuel A. Martin
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'Alive' is the first of two visually arresting fashion films for costume designers Prangsta, to promote the company's bespoke style and collections, by director Samuel Martin, reworking a classic story of a puppet coming alive at the hands of her master.  

“I wanted to steer away from the classic fashion film look and create a visual experience with a storyline, however ambiguous," says Samuel. "The challenge was to create a film that portrayed Prangsta’s fashion range, style and feel and, at the same time, deliver a concept with visuals that are unique, fresh and eyecatching."


Samuel A. Martin
Andy Hui
Samuel A. Martin
Director of Photography
Francois Coppey
Art Director
Kevin Hill
Kim Lysette, Zaf Shabir
Mazin Power
Focus Puller
Matt Deeley
1st AD
Oliver Kester
Caroline Harrington
Hair & Make-up
Liz Barlow
Hair & Make-up
Emily Bilverstone
Adam Slater
1st AC
Angel Ansede
Art Assistant
Muriel Ganne
Art Assistant
Jessica Sinclair Martin
Style Assistant
Fiona Nunan
Cowie Saunders
Scott Claydon
Emma Withington
Sound Designer
Peter Rolls @ Wimbledon Sound

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