Kodaline 'All I Want (Part 2)' by Stevie Russell

Kodaline 'All I Want (Part 2)' by Stevie Russell
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A year ago, Stevie Russell took up the challenge, both behind and front of the camera, to tell the heroic story of an ordinary man with a different kind of face, standing up to the haters in the video for Kodaline's All I Want. This charmingly told story has been a deservedly massive hit, helped launch the Irish band - and now nominated for the 2013 UK Music Video Awards. 

Stevie not only directed the video, he donned the makeup. And now, he's back with part 2 - and in fact, most unusually (or possibly uniquely) it's a sequel to the story, set to the same track.

This time, having seen off the bullies at work, the drama surrounds his little dog Digby. And we pick up where we left off with his relationship with that nice girl from the office...  

From the director

Stevie Russell: "When they first approached me, the immediate reaction was to think 'bad idea'. Sequels have a history of failure! Although, the idea of losing Digby (he's my dog) was a story I really wanted to tell as it is a great fear of mine. 

"It all fit, so myself and Mike (Donnelly, producer) jumped into it. Putting the mask on again was pretty horrible but I love the character so it was worth it in the end. I think the first one had a message and a bigger theme. With this, we just wanted to have a romp and have some fun, so it is a little less serious this time around."


Stevie Russell
Michael Donnelly
John O'connor
Director of Photography
Ruairi O'Brien
Stevie Russell
Amy De Bhrun
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Mark Lewis
Anna Derbyshire
Matt Branton
Production designer
Jill Beecher
Nadia Macari
Noel Sutton
Sarajane Ffrench O'Carroll
1st AD
Craig Kenny
Jason Foran
Focus Puller
Tommy Fitzgerald
Production Assistant
Andrew Wilkinson
Peter Delaney
Dog Wrangler
Lyn Allen
Cat Wrangler
Claire McKeever
Flame Artist
John Kennedy
Sound FX Mixing
Locky Butler
Post Production Coordinator
Jennifer Connolly
Joey Peakin And Kevin Magee

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