Louis M^ttrs 'War With Heaven' by Josh Cole

Louis M^ttrs 'War With Heaven' by Josh ColeLouis M^ttrs 'War With Heaven' by Josh Cole
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Having previously gone to the Far East to tell stories for Rudimental, Josh Cole has stayed close to home to create this hybrid of short film and music video, which takes the emotional narrative of Louis M^tters' War With Heaven as its inspiration. 

Set in London, it revolves around three men who are representative of three states of mind – one happy, one dangerously angry, one suicidal. They are destined to come together for a single life-changing encounter, when fate plays its part.

It's not just a linear narrative, and the story gets into the reasons why things happen, and the main characters motivations, with a sympathetic eye. But the pace and tension never slackens for a second. Very impressive stuff from Josh Cole, who's reputation as a young director with a talent for cinematic storytelling, and marrying music with intense drama, continues to grow. 


Josh Cole
Keiran Mcgaughey
Ruth Hegarty
Director of Photography
Luke Jacobs (DoP)Luke Jacobs (DoP) website
1st AC
Chris McGaughey
Ben Rogers
Mark Beardall
Nick Davies
Amy Riley
Casting director
Maggie Norris
Fight Co-Ordinator
Kevin McCurdy
Graham Tolhurst And Ben Keene
Casting Consultant
Steve Fatuga
Mustafa Shaddouh, Junior Miller, Moses Gomes Santos, Maryam C, Steve Fatuga

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