Kid Wise 'Hope' by Truman & Cooper

Kid Wise 'Hope' by Truman & CooperKid Wise 'Hope' by Truman & Cooper
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This superb video for Kid Wise's Hope by Truman & Cooper - that's Jonathan Cohen and Anthony Jorge – is ostensibly about a feral gang of teenagers on the loose in the French countryside, and how their extreme behaviour swings wildly from the sweet to the sexual, to the repulsively violent.

But that's only aspect of a story which is actually more devastating. In fact, the dynamic at the core of the video is virtually the stuff of Greek tragedy. The gawky kid in the gang (brilliantly played by Fred Hotier), mesmerized by the gang's leader's beautiful, sexy girlfriend, and unable to control his feelings, is drawn inexorably towards a horrible fate. Utterly gripping.        


Truman & Cooper
Production Company
Director of Photography
Victor Seguin
Hair & Make-up
Julie Brones
Julie Brones
Jérôme Calvet
Manuel Coutant
Fred Hotier
Title Design
Laure Martinez
Lola Young, Léo Faubert, Nathan Davrinche-Hamet

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