Kanye West 'Blkkk Skkkn Head' by Nick Knight

Kanye West 'Blkkk Skkkn Head' by Nick KnightKanye West 'Blkkk Skkkn Head' by Nick Knight
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Nick Knight's video for Kanye West's superb afro-glam-rock mash-up Black Skinhead is here – following their collaboration on the New Slaves video (presented as a series of 'guerilla' outdoor projections a few weeks ago) and much of the visuals surrounding Kanye's Yeezus album. 

This is, perhaps predictably, an intense experience - and minimal. A CG version of Kanye performs the song against black (after that first shot of KKK-like hoods in black). He's initially lifelike (with more defined abs) and then becomes more extreme and digitally messed-up as it progresses. But the view-only video is just one way to experience Blkkk Skkkn Head. 

The interactive version on kanyewest.com allows you to speed up, slow down and take and share screenshots of the video with a cursor.

On Twitter, a typically bullish Kanye has described Nick Knight's video as "a step towards the possibilities of internet based video" then asking his followers: "please don't diminish the user experience by just posting it as a normal video … please link them to my site."

No problem. So click 'Watch Here' to experience the full interactive version of Blkkk Skkkn Head...




Nick Knight
Production Company
PrettybirdPrettybird website
Juliette Larthe
Production Manager
Hannah May
Carly Baker
VFX Director
Drew Arnold
3D Scanning & Modelling
Kevin Stenning
3D Scanning & Modelling
Peter Valkanoff
Motion Capture
Dynamixyz & Centroid
Drew Arnold
Scott Altman
3D Animator
Maximillion Mallman
3D Animator
Will Broadbent
3D Animator
Jason Mayo
Focus Puller
Jeremy Fusco
Nelson Oliver
Jay Patel
Art Director
Simon Foxton
Isamaya French
Director's Representation
Charlotte Knight

Watch here

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