Moderat 'Bad Kingdom' by Pfadfinderei

Moderat 'Bad Kingdom' by PfadfindereiModerat 'Bad Kingdom' by Pfadfinderei
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The video for German electronic outfit Moderat's Bad Kingdom tells a gripping tale of mid-20th century adventure, derring-do, corruption, greed and murder - from the colonial school to the corridors of power – all in a series of illustrations in a vintage, Boy's Own-style of the 1950s and 60s.

It's the work of Pfadfinderei, top Berlin-based design and direction collective, who have created various visual assets for Moderat in the past, including tour visuals and ads as well as full videos. Who needs motion anyway?


Production Company
Bernado Maldonado Morales
Daavid Mörtl
Benedikt Rugar
Arne Jysch
Moritz Friedrich
Monkeytown Records

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