Maps 'A.M.A.' by Alan Masferrer

Maps 'A.M.A.' by Alan MasferrerMaps 'A.M.A.' by Alan MasferrerMaps 'A.M.A.' by Alan Masferrer
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Spanish director Alan Masferrer depicts scenes of desolation at the start of this video for bleepy, synthy singer-songwriter Maps.  Seemingly dead, we see a range of bodies trapped in their last moments in a fascinating array of scenes, everywhere from woods to Jacuzzis.  However, with the arrival of a rather snappily dressed man - with some sci-fi trappings - this bleak view turns to a rather pleasant one.  

It's excellently shot throughout, and Alan draws on his Spanish heritage to shoot in both the gorgeous Catalan scenery of Palautordera and Barcelona.

From the director

Alan Masferrer: "In the briefing James (Maps) insisted on the idea of the changing something to better, because this was his feeling about his new album (Vicisitudes). But the lyrics of this song in particular were really open to interpretation, so I tried to work within these two parameters, planning some dark and ambiguous scenes and characters that become brighter."


Alan MasferrerAlan Masferrer website
Azu Micó
Production Company
Sunday - Iksvy
Director of Photography
Art Director
Bernat Pascual
Alan Masferrer
1st AD
Anna Jorquera
1st AC
Maria Codina
Laura Llabrés
Mireia Freixes
Sandra Pagès
Roberto García
Héctor Cornelles
3D Animator

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