Drums Of Death ft. Yamsin 'True' by You Ness

Drums Of Death ft. Yamsin 'True' by You NessDrums Of Death ft. Yamsin 'True' by You Ness
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It's urban, it's East London and it's black and white - but the Drums Of Death video for True, directed by YouNess, isn't just ticking boxes on the way to telling some gritty drama. 

First of all, there's the beautiful Yasmin – vocalist on the track and the star of the show. You Ness's camera captures her and a couple of dancers in various settings, to create an uplifting performance-doc piece that reflects something certainly true: that British dance music is having a bit of a moment this summer. 

And the young Moroccan-Swedish director, who graduated from RCA in London last year, is also making his mark. His last video for Italian-signed artist Ben Pearce's What I Might Do has scored over 5 million hits on YouTube.



Youness Benali
Mike Facey
Production Company
Skin Flicks
Director of Photography
Aaron George
Fouad Gaber
Jason Wallis
Grading company
The Look
Black Butter Records
Caroline Clayton

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