Gabrielle Aplin 'Home' by Kinga Burza

Gabrielle Aplin 'Home' by Kinga BurzaGabrielle Aplin 'Home' by Kinga BurzaGabrielle Aplin 'Home' by Kinga Burza
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Following the video for Panic Cord, Kinga Burza continues her collaboration with Gabrielle Aplin on Home by really taking the singer-songwriter to new territory. 

From those first videos on YouTube that got her noticed, everything featuring Gabrielle up to now has stressed her Englishness. In a way this does the same, but the setting is very different - the Nevada desert.

And Kinga has used her own recent experiences to evoke that far from home feeling - which also required Gabrielle to engage in some roleplaying.

From the director

Kinga Burza:

"Having spent almost three years living out of sublets and suitcases, the lyrics in this track really spoke to me.  When pitching, I was based between NY and LA and I had this fantasy about shooting a travelling road short that's beautiful and yet so disorientating that it's depressing, maybe because after 3 years without a home base I can somewhat relate to that feeling!"  I also got notes from the label that were asking 'let's see Gabrielle in a way we've not yet seen a female artist of her kind before, let's surprise our audiences...', so I hope I achieved that. I'm pretty sure, I've never seen a female artist wash the dishes! 

"After making Gabrielle's last video, I knew she was great in front of the camera. A dream to work with in fact, so I had no qualms for asking her to participate in a little acting. I also envisioned a landscape that felt remote and bare so that you really understood her struggle of feeling like a fish out of water.   

"The big city lights of Reno were also important to the climax of the story as she finally reaches the nearest city and interacts with some locals. She comes to realise that it's not necessarily her home she's needing, but human interaction. ie. 'As long as we're together, does it matter where we go?'."


Kinga Burza
Production Company
PartizanPartizan website
Executive Producer
Claire Stubbs
Tova Dann
Brett Webb
1st AD
Matthew Mehl
2nd AD
Tim Harrington
Director of Photography
Mattias Rudh
Focus Puller
Blair Neighbors
Karina Moore
Darren Baldwin
Editing company
Final Cut
Julien Biard
Andy Copping
Post production company
Sam Seager
EMI Records

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