The Defiled 'Unspoken' by Robin Fuller

The Defiled 'Unspoken' by Robin FullerThe Defiled 'Unspoken' by Robin FullerThe Defiled 'Unspoken' by Robin Fuller
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A suitably no-holds-barred effort by Robin Fuller for the full-on metal of The Defiled's Unspoken - featuring bandmembers tied up and hung up, blood, butchery and a sexy lady who moves like an insect...

From the director

Robin Fuller:

"Rather than telling a strictly structured story, I wanted to offer a glimpse into another world, with snatches of fractured actions and events that piece together to create a larger whole, almost like the way we remember dreams, in scraps and fragments. 

"Visually, we worked to create an aesthetic of decay and grime, something that was, at times a little uncomfortable to look at, but then to find moments of beauty within the ugliness and chaos.

"The cast and crew were a real pleasure to work with. The location was freezing and haunted by armies of feral pigeons, but when it came to it, everyone gave it their all and threw themselves (sometimes literally) into it."


Robin Fuller
Robin Fuller
Production Company
Ascension Productions
Craig Touhy
Leila Mousavi
Director of Photography
Stuart Nicholas White
Focus Puller
Silvio Bersani
Reece Hearnshaw
1st AD
Kerry Green
Art Director
Monk Stevens
Sophie Cottam
Grading company
Prime Focus
Nina Hearne
Nuclear Blast

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