G-Frsh 'Never Can I' by James Partridge

G-Frsh 'Never Can I' by James PartridgeG-Frsh 'Never Can I' by James Partridge
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Premiered on ever-expanding Vice channel and lifestyle blog Noisey, James Partridge delivers this very interesting video for rapper G-Frsh.  It features some pretty brilliant costume and set design and a sterling performance from the man himself.  We see G-Frsh in a variety of high-fashion inspired and slightly bizzare scenes.  

There's even a Clockwork Orange nod to the milkbar – and James also took charge of the polished and effective edit. 

From the director

James Partridge: "I wanted to have fun with pacing in the edit, juxtaposing long tracking shots and slow motion with the intense beat and then plunging into more rapid cuts.  

"I wanted to create a striking performance video placing a gangster rapper into a set of bizarre scenarios in a closed off world, whilst keeping a sinister and uneasy mood throughout.  

"We kept the scenes symmetrical, making G Frsh the centre point at all times, but surrounding him with elaborate and off-beat back drops (massive shout to the production designers) to create interest across the whole frame."


James PartridgeJames Partridge website
Director of Photography
Matthew Emvin Taylor
Khuram Murza
Production designer
Jacques Pienaar
Production designer
Sidsel Dall
Loranique Pienaar
Robyn Egan
1st AD
Guillaume Borkhataria
Holly Rowley
Camera operator
Felix Schmilinsky
Camera operator
Inaki Viladomat
Production Assistant
Hendrik Faller
James Partridge
Toby Tomkins
Sophie Barnes, Eleanor Baillieu, Alexandra Toth, Vicky Butterfly

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