Waylayers 'SOS' by Alexander Brown

Waylayers 'SOS' by Alexander BrownWaylayers 'SOS' by Alexander Brown
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Alexander Brown delivers this highly atmospheric, driving and tasteful video for Waylayers' SOS that captures night-time London in a cool and original way.

Alexander harnesses the sweet electronic atmospherics within the soundtrack - powered by beautiful work from DP Sam Care. Alexander says: "When the band approached me to do a follow up video to Magnets I was immediately taken by SOS and its driving rhythm. I had the idea of trying to make something as epic and cinematic as films like Drive that manage to conjure up a retrospective vision of the present, creating a world of gearboxes and the city's neon-lit underbelly.

"I knew from the beginning we were never going to be able to shoot in LA, but I always enjoy the challenge of trying to make the UK more epic. It's always a challenge shooting London in a way that doesn't look too provincial or something we've all seen before.  

"With a customised truck, hand finished costumes, about a million locations and an incredible crew pulling together over a bank holiday weekend, we really threw everything at this one. 

"I think it's a real achievement of teamwork and willpower so its amazing it came out this well. So thank you to everyone involved!"



Alexander Brown
Gail Mosley
Director of Photography
Sam Care
Mark Whelan
Editing company
The QuarryThe Quarry website
Art Director
Jayne O'Hanlon
Steve Gatti
Production Company
Nice & Polite

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