Iron and Wine ‘Joy’ by Hayley Morris

Iron and Wine ‘Joy’ by Hayley Morris
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An awesome achievement of mixed media animation and projection for Iron and Wine’s Joy, from the album Ghost on Ghost, by Hayley Morris which has resulted in something lovely.

Iron and Wine is the project of songwriter Sam Beam, and Hayley explained to NPR that the video was made by projecting hand-painted water color animations into stop-motion landscapes. “Through his eyes we see how [the female subject of Sam's song] changes his world and fills it with color… My goal was to have the viewer feel the effect on him through bursts of color, growth and transformation.”

Her achievement is also chronicled in her Behind The Scenes film.


Nonesuch Records
Hayley Morris
Hayley Morris
Evan Kultangwatana
Model maker
Louise Sheldon
Hayley Morris, Denise Hauser and Randy Bretzin

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