London Grammar ‘Wasting My Young Years’ by Bison

London Grammar ‘Wasting My Young Years’ by BisonLondon Grammar ‘Wasting My Young Years’ by BisonLondon Grammar ‘Wasting My Young Years’ by Bison
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This is a stunning video for new Ministry act London Grammar’s lovely Wasting My Young Years by Bison that executes an amazing visual trick.

Falling bodies are captured, and tracked by the camera in mid-fall. You might think its old school time-slice at first, but then the viewer is taken completely around a body – as if walking around at someone frozen in time.

How on earth did they do it? The very simple answer is pinhole cameras and 35mm film. Their behind the scenes film explains it all thoroughly – and how it neatly reflects the theme of the song. Superb.


Liz Kessler
Production Company
Academy/A+Academy/A+ website
Director of Photography
Matyas Erdely
Art Director
Owen Gundry
Camera equipment
Jenny John Chuan
Vid Price
Mick Vincent
Post Producer
Luis Martin
Candy Alderton
Laura Clayton
Caroline Clayton
Ministry of Sound

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