CSS ‘Hangover’ by Matt Dilmore & Toni Basil

CSS ‘Hangover’ by Matt Dilmore & Toni BasilCSS ‘Hangover’ by Matt Dilmore & Toni Basil
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In a sparse office building, a group of unprepossessing office workers become mesmerized by the sounds of CSS playing Hangover on the TV, and erupt into an impromptu dance – a dance as it happens, choreographed by one of the great names of the golden age of music video…

Matt Dilmore had been waiting for an opportunity to work with Toni, the director and choreographer of the video for Talking Heads’ Once In A Lifetime for one, and a groundbreaking video performer in her own right, most famously with Oh Mickey. Here she creates a wonderfully quirky group dance with a group of oddly affecting characters that’s the core of this entertaining video.

Matt says: “I’ve always felt that Toni Basil has been criminally underrated as a visual artist and music video director. Her work for Talking Heads and Devo really made an impression, growing up. The clip for her own Walking The Dog is one of my favorite videos of all time.”

“Toni and I had been looking to do a dance-based art project together for the last few years. When CSS reached out to me about a music video, I felt like it was a great opportunity for Toni and I to do something unexpected in terms of choreography and style.”

“We wanted to do something really minimal and primitive but also allow for a bit of choreography and calisthenics to creep in.”


Matt Dilmore
Production Company
Epoch Films
Toni Basil
Executive Producer
Melissa Culligan
Executive Producer
Brielle Murray
Caleb Omens
Director of Photography
John Barr
Production designer
Thomas Bed
Rebecca Blazak
Hair & Make-up
Jessie Bishop
Toni Basil
Arcade Edit
Greg Scruton
Shada Shariatzda
VFX Supervisor
Marcus Lansdell
Warren Paleos
Robert Henry
Hyunjeen Kim
Ricky Gausis
Amanda Ornelas
Executive Producer
Ed Koenig
SQE Music
UK Rep
Jen & Alison at Las Bandas Be Brave

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