Alan Wilkis ft Joywave ‘Old Fashioned Girl’ by Michael Lawrence

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Shot on location in Fort Greene and Coney Island in Brooklyn, New Yorkers Alan Wilkis and Daniel Armbruster (from Joywave) join forces with Michael Lawrence for the promo to Old Fashioned Girl.

Filmed in the wake of hurricane Sandy, Lawrence assembles the cast at his own house and the legendary theme park for this love rival scenario where two oddball characters compete for the attention of the erm, lucky girl…


Michael Lawrence
Alan Wilkis
Director of Photography
Jeff Melanson
Alison Mao
Art Director
Kelly Thomas
Camera operator
Brad Buehring
Camera operator
Nolan Ball
Camera operator
Hana Kitasei
Assistant Editor
Sarah Riazati
Rob Bessette
Fat Jew The Hunk
Kelly Thomas
Jonathan Clare
Agatha Agatha

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