Sigur Rós ‘Brennisteinn’ by Andrew Thomas Huang

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Darker, heavier, more performance-orientated – and definitely yellower… Andrew Thomas Huang has followed up his astonishing video for Björk’s Mutual Core with a surprising package for the other preeminent musical artists of Iceland, Sigur Rós and their song Brennisteinn, from new album Kveikur.

The surprise is to see the band actually performing in one of their videos – a first, perhaps? But this is also much more than simply a performance. Thomas creates extraordinary images that suggest moments from ancient myths, of heroes battling with the elements, and a distinctive use of colour. Brennisteinn is Icelandic for ‘brimstone’ or ‘sulphur’ – so flashes of yellow bursting out of the monochrome. It’s smoking…


Production Company
LEGS Media
Executive Producer
Tom Berendsen
Sarah Lawson
Kari Sturluson
Director of Photography
Laura Merians
Ryan Heffington
Production designer
Hugh Zeigler
Art Director
Orion Martin
Dan Selon
Hair & Make-up
Frida Maria Hardardottir
Hair & Make-up
Jennifer Cunningham
1st AD
George Nessis
Andrew Thomas Huang
Post production company
The Mill
Post Producer
Stephen Venning
Jess Ambrose
LaRue Anderson
Production Assistant
Kevin Flores
Production Assistant
Asif Haque
Production Assistant
Ashley Forbito
Gregory Reese
Colonel BlimpColonel Blimp website
XL Recordings
Andrew Thomas Huang

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