Little Boots ‘Broken Record’ by The Au Agency

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Heavy on smokey atmospherics, The Au Agency set up a Studio 54-esque scenario (complete with roller-skating punters) for Little Boots’ Broken Record promo.

With echoes of Blondie’s Rapture (it’s those tubular bells) and Donna Summer, the directors deliver a dark and sultry video filmed largely in slo-mo -adding to the distinctly late 70s vibe…


The Au Agency
Executive Producer
Amalia Rosen-Rawlings
Chance Wilson
1st AD
Afzhal Robbani
Director of Photography
Stefan Yap
Max Rijavec
Camera operator
Guy Davies
Sam Heasman
Sanya Dennigan
Amanda Sherlock
Sarah Marie Collins
Asst stylist
Charmaine Parram
Art Director
Sarah Aranda-Garzon
Tatyana Alexandra
Production Assistant
Javier Alejandro
Editing company
The Au Agency
The Au Agency
Director's Representation
Marisa Garner @ Marisa Garner AssociatesMarisa Garner @ Marisa Garner Associates website
Mia Margetic

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