Naughty Boy ‘La La La’ (ft Sam Smith) by Ian Pons Jewell

Naughty Boy ‘La La La’ (ft Sam Smith) by Ian Pons JewellNaughty Boy ‘La La La’ (ft Sam Smith) by Ian Pons Jewell
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After his excellent Landshapes video documenting the wrestling community of La Paz, Ian Pons Jewell has definitely taken to Bolivia. He has now shot the video for Naughty Boy’s La La La there – and has caused something of a political furore in the process.

Featuring a delightful young lad with a Chow Chow puppy, a bizarre set of characters and a Wizard of Oz-like journey of discovery, the characters illustrate the theme of the song by covering their ears and singing ‘la la la’ when faced with verbal abuse: the boy who escapes from the haranguing of an older man, is handed his dog by a shaman, then recruits ‘Cement Man’ and a dancing wool-covered traffic cop, and then this small band head off from the city to the salt flats, and an unlikely destination…

And a combination of the song and the little boy’s ear-covering and ‘la la la’s’ has already been a hit in Bolivia – with quite serious implications. And it surely will not be long before it blows up over here too because the song and the gesture is as catchy as measles in Swansea…

From the director

Ian Pons Jewell: “I decided to stay on after the Landshapes video, opportunities started arising and I started to really fall in love with this place. I wrote to Sam Seager [at EMI] to let him know I was here and with a crew, able to shoot, and he sent the Naughty Boy track.

“The video has blown here. Viral. Everyone has seen it, everyone raving about it, political memes have sprung up with the boy´s ‘la la la’ gesture being used as a sort of middle finger stuff up to talking policitians, people are doing it in the universities instead of telling someone to shut up. It’s played on TV, radio… mad! So am staying out here, getting a visa, and setting some things up such as a fixer company, to open Bolivia up to UK productions.”


Production Company
Studio Murmur
Production Company
Gran Angular
Ian Pons Jewell
Tim Harrison
Dobi Manolova
Executive Producer
Claudia Marquez
Director of Photography
Doug Walshe
Art Director
Ameena Kara Callender
Ameena Kara Callender
Paola Romay
Gaia Borretti
Post Producer
Serena Noorani
Luke Morrison
Morgan Beringer
Alely Amazonas
Adriana Aguilar
1st AD
Yamil Del Villar
1st AD
Nestor Lira
Executive Producer
Rafael Esteves
Macarena Estevez
Camera operator
Ghandi El Chamaa
Focus Puller
Adrian Mamani
Roxana Toledo
Assistant Art Director
Elizabeth Lisazo
Assistant Art Director
Ivan Quiroga
Policarpio Torrez
Jaime Arcani
Jorge Bueno
James Hackett
Sam Seager
Franco Miranda
Alex Terán
Potosi Mine Producer
Helen Rios
Marcos Rossel
Franco Miranda (child), Alejandro Angelo (hotel man), Justo Limachi (shaman), Alex Terán (Cement Man), Valentín Tuscu (heart seller), Paolo Vargas (Traffic Cop & Choreographer) Carolina Zabala (Aerobics Instructor), Simón (dog
Special Thanks To
John Wesley Hotel, Star Gym, Marcelo Muñecas, Louis Ellison

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