Jon Hopkins ‘Open Eye Signal’ by Aoife McArdle

Jon Hopkins ‘Open Eye Signal’ by Aoife McArdleJon Hopkins ‘Open Eye Signal’ by Aoife McArdle
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Aoife McArdle’s very cool video for Jon Hopkins’ Open Eye Signal is a road movie with a difference; it charts the journey of a lone skateboarder through the awesome landscapes of the American West to the soundtrack of Hopkins’s epic track.

What appears to be the start of a narrative as the skateboarder, played by Chris Chann, with face beaten up, jumps onto his board and heads off, turns out to be simply about the journey itself, introduced with a minute-long opening shot – increasingly existential, occasionally surreal. As the skater passes through suburbia, desert and coastline, it becomes all about the absorbing visual enjoyment of the journey – and the Zen-like demeanour of the skater, like an earthbound Silver Surfer.

This highly cinematic visual accompaniment to the hypnotic pulse of Open Eye Signal was achieved with superb photography by Steve Annis, and assured direction by Aoife McArdle, who quietly keeps turning out marvellous videos…


Aoife McArdle
Production Company
Colonel Blimp
Production Company
Good CompanyGood Company website
Executive Producer
Tamsin Glasson
Tamsin Glasson
Brian Welsh
Director of Photography
Steve Annis
Camera operator
Robby Hart
Eli Berg
Clapper Loader
Ben Molyneux
Julien Janigo
Hair & Make-up
Alexis Johnson
Chris Chann
Dan Sherwen
Post production company
James Tillett
Jonny Bradshaw

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