Andrew Bayer ‘Lose Sight’ by Człowiek Kamera

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Człowiek Kamera directs this rather wonderful piece for melodic-house producer Andrew Bayer using the ever strange and wonderful concept of human levitation to wonderful effect. Whilst very different from Fleur and Manu’s levitating ‘Faking Jazz Together’, it manages to capture the same eerie sense of surrealism. Though rather than a specialist group in the woods, Człowiek depicts members of the public in elevated joy, using a keen eye for excellent slow-motion photography.

David Blaine eat your heart out.

Unlike Blaine though, it seems Człowiek is able to send long periods in the cold. He says, “To be honest, I’ve never been very satisfied by the final result. That what the clip shows, it is about 40% of that what I want to perform. There are sometimes unexpected things that enable the realisation of the clip or force me to change my mind.

“For example, last winter unexpectedly stayed longer in Poland, what made me go on more or less unexpected concessions. Some sequences were filmed when there was a hard frost, about -25C.”


Człowiek Kamera
Człowiek Kamera
Człowiek Kamera
Production Manager
Aleksandra Śmiatek
Radar Music Videos

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