TV Girl ‘Girls Like Me’ by Fourclops

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Fourclops have already proven their interactive music video chops with a rather inventive Facebook Connected video for MNDR. This time, Eli Stonberg and Jeff Greco have taken a more lighthearted approach to this interactive experience, filming some of the band’s fans performing an endearing hand-dance that YouTube would be proud of.

It also features you and your Facebook friends via the wonderful world of Facebook Connect. Just make sure you’ve glammed up before you have your photo taken…

“Your cameo will then pop up during the experience, along with photos of your Facebook friends that have watched before and other viewers from across the internet,” says Eli Stonberg from Fourclops. “The experience is constantly evolving as you and your friends make cameos in the video!

“To create the finger tutting dance routine, our choreographer Ryan Soloman recorded a video of himself performing the dance. We then broke the routine up into 3 second segments and assigned them to our participants to learn. We recorded Skype sessions with each participant and edited it all together to look like a cohesive dance.”


Judy Craig
Eli Stonberg
Executive Producer
Jack Richardson
Ryan Soloman
Production Company
The Masses

Watch here

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