Travis ‘Another Guy’ by Wolfgang Becker

Travis ‘Another Guy’ by Wolfgang BeckerTravis ‘Another Guy’ by Wolfgang Becker
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There’s a new Travis album coming and rather than releasing a single, Another Guy is the ‘pre-album teaser’ for which the band have got together with German movie director Wolfgang Becker (of Goodbye Lenin fame) to produce this delightful and very lo-fi video.

It’s a wonderfully absurd comedy exploring a dynamic of crumbling love and trust between the members of Travis, the catalyst being the presence of another guy who happens to be played with a certain level of menace by the director himself.

Travis frontman Fran Healy writes under the video posted on YouTube and Vimeo that “Wolfgang Becker made a little dramatization which does all the things a Travis video should do. We decided, in light of everything going hi definition, we’d shoot on a VHS camera. Also we asked Wolfgang to star in it because HE IS THE COOLEST GUY IN BERLIN.”

This does indeed follow in an excellent tradition of Travis videos. And if this song is anything to go by (you can download it here) an excellent new album should hopefully produce one or two more…


Wolfgang Becker

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