Skunk Anansie ‘This Is Not A Game’ by Lore&Jun

Skunk Anansie ‘This Is Not A Game’ by Lore&JunSkunk Anansie ‘This Is Not A Game’ by Lore&Jun
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Skunk Anansie turned to Trunk and directing duo Lore&Jun to collaborate on their latest video for This Is Not A Game, from their sixth and current album, Black Traffic.

Lorena Medina from Lore&Jun notes that “the band came to us with a very clear idea, which in essence was to become white canvases that would then have projections of an earlier performance layered on top of the final performance.” The directing duo and the band developed the concept, which aimed to capture the feeling and emotion of the song through both the technique as well as the performance.

Trunk have an enviable record when it comes to projection mapping, following their success with the Madness performance at the Jubilee concert last year. However this posed a different challenge, one of budget and the band’s availability during touring. Together with producer Tina Pawlik, Lorena and Junior started working on ideas of how the projections could best work using an array of different techniques and set ups. The first shoot took in the straightforward band performance that was then processed and graded ready for the second shoot. In the short space of time in between, graphic elements and type – loosely influenced by graffiti and the idea of protest – were created with which to project back onto the sets and band members. The second shoot, on location in a North Acton industrial warehouse, the band were dressed in white and wearing white foundation. The surreal look of the video is amplified by the band members wearing masks and posturing as their own faces are projected back onto themselves in a rough and garish manner.

Not surprisingly Lor&Jun also focussed strongly on Skunk Anansie’s charismatic frontwoman Skin, and her strong profile mirrors the power of the song. Lorena notes, “We were aiming for an obscure, strange, surreal feeling for the video, so we created a mysterious and dark atmosphere for the passionate performance we knew Skin could produce, and she really did us proud”.


Motion Graphics
Sebastian Baptista
Director of Photography
Gabi Norland
1st AD
Kerry Green
Camera operator
Ewan Mcfarlan
Art Director
Joe Barcham
Kristina Vidic
Jon Euesden
Pat Cahill
Production Manager
Leigh Johnson
Tina Pawlik
Executive Producer
Richard Barnett

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