Misty's Big Adventure 'Aggression' by Mark Locke

Misty's Big Adventure 'Aggression' by Mark LockeMisty's Big Adventure 'Aggression' by Mark LockeMisty's Big Adventure 'Aggression' by Mark Locke
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Mark Locke has made videos for Misty's Big Adventure before. His efforts for the songs Between You And Me and I Can't Bring The Time Back back in 2009 were full of character and utterly charming. But now we have a new single called Aggression, and Mark has come up with something far darker to accompany the Birmingham band's gloomy assessment of English life. It's a lurid nighttime landscape of drunkenness, sex, violence and fast food, a scattershot comic horror, like a modern Hogarthian look at the underbelly of middle England - with a nod to both the classic Barney Bubbles-directed video for The Specials' Ghost Town, and Thriller...

Mark Locke on the making of the video for Misty's Big Adventure's Aggression

"I guess you could've gone a number of ways with a video for Aggression, but I loved the idea of Gareth in a crap Midlands town on a Friday night, trying to get a pizza.

"Misty's are a Midlands band and with Aggression's ska vibe the obvious reference was The Specials' 'Ghost Town'. Especially being as we seem to be living in new Ghost Town times. But I didn't want to get too depressing or political, I was trying to channel the spirit of 'Ghost Town', Robin Askwith movies and 'Thriller'.

"In actual fact it was shot in a number of crap Midlands towns, around eight in all, and the shoot felt more like 'Apocalypse Now'. We had the most rain on record, one of our actors had a stroke and the budget just spiralled, from £500 to £850. "The most difficult part was the chip shop. We've no connections in the chip shop world and the one chippy who said yes would only let us film when they were open. We picked a quiet night but it wasn't quiet at all, and definitely not an ideal situation to film a girl fight. Well, unless you want to film an actual girl fight. Instead of being enamoured by the Hollywood glamour of it all, customers were tripping over our track and saying, 'What the fuck is going on I'm trying to get pie and chips for my children.'..."


Mark Locke
Production Company
Director of Photography
Paul Ullah
Camera operator
Adam Smith
Casting director
Stuart Key
Jim Bracher @ The Mill

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