Beach House 'Wishes' by Eric Wareheim

Beach House 'Wishes' by Eric WareheimBeach House 'Wishes' by Eric Wareheim
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Eric Wareheim returns to music videos after far too long, with his take on Beach House's Wishes. And its Eric doing what Eric does so well - creating chaos and nonsense out of one of America's most cherished and hallowed institutions...

He plays fast and loose with the great American sporting event, with cheerleaders that aren't the prettiest, and a contest which is not exactly the Superbowl. All presided over by veteran character actor Ray Wise (arguably best known as the supremely evil Leland Palmer in Twin Peaks) as The Coach. Ray does a good lipsyncing job too...


Eric Wareheim
Director of Photography
Eli Born
Eric Notarnicola
Production Company
Abso Lutely Productions
Hillary Calhoun
Ray Wise as The Coach
Diana Contreras, Mindy Le Brock
Art Director
Melanie Mandi
Special Thanks
Josh Cohen, Clark Baker

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