Roman 'Aftermaths' by Federico Urdaneta

Roman 'Aftermaths' by Federico UrdanetaRoman 'Aftermaths' by Federico Urdaneta
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Federico Urdaneta has chosen to create five mini 'teaser' style videos for mysterious newcomer ROMAN rather than a standard promo. It works well, with each film relating to a day of the week. These pieces are a insight into ROMAN as "a creature of the night', but they're no trip to the pub - there's gothic imagery, surrealist scenes and a darkly comic approach to each.

Federico and ROMAN worked together closely on the project: "We wanted to get a short glimpse into the grim consequences of his actions, the aftermaths to his lifestyle. We decided the best approach was to get a panoramic view of his activities, so instead of doing one, long boring promo we did 5 short, teaser ones, each one detailing the tail end of one of his debauched nights.

"Each session became a film, each film existing in isolation and also part of the grander narrative of Roman's decadent lifestyle."

You can watch all five films condensed together below.


Production Assistant
Drew O'Neill
Director of Photography
Dan Stafford Clark
Stefan Mitchell, Ben Marshall
Casting director
Lydia Garnett
Nina Andersson
Ben Marshall

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