Sweet Baboo 'If I Died...' by Casey Raymond

Sweet Baboo 'If I Died...' by Casey RaymondSweet Baboo 'If I Died...' by Casey Raymond
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The enormous disembodied head of Steve Black, aka Sweet Baboo stalks his ex-girlfriend in Casey Raymond's charming lo-fi video for the instantly catchy If I Died... However, it does suffer a bit from the sort of interference and distortion that makes you want to smack your viewing device...

Casey also directed the excellent video for Let's Go Swimming Wild for the super-talented Mr Black/Baboo. This one features a girl who looks like the girl in Submarine. Or maybe its just the coat.

"It was filmed over a cold couple of hours in Cardiff," says Casey. "And you can listen to it in Welsh here... It wasn't meant to be distorted, but apparently that's what happens when you try and film ghosts."



Casey Raymond

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