Biffy Clyro 'Biblical' by Jim Canty

Biffy Clyro 'Biblical' by Jim CantyBiffy Clyro 'Biblical' by Jim Canty
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Inspired by the lyric "Baby if you could would you go back to the start..." Jim Canty's excellent video for Biffy Clyro's Biblical takes the classic Groundhog Day premise of repeating an event and offering up another chance (or chances) to do things differently. But this is no comedy, and no easy resolutions come out of Biffy lead singer Simon Neil changing his behaviour once he gets a fateful phone call.

Jim Canty and the band shot the video in and around San Francisco and Jim has said that he wanted to execute a "film-like idea with a little surreality thrown in." He certainly gets a charismatic turn from Neil, who holds it together so well, no band performance is required...

And having not directed a music video in ages, Jim Canty has another one in the bag for another chart-topping act, that's just-released - for Mumford & Sons...


Jim Canty
Executive Producer
Beth Montague
Megan Gutman
Director of Photography
Aaron Pl
Arri Robbins
Karissa A Hochbar
Duncan Russell
Production Company
HSI London
Jen Herrera / Jen Ivory

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