Black Books 'Favorite Place' by Christophe Thockler

Black Books 'Favorite Place' by Christophe ThocklerBlack Books 'Favorite Place' by Christophe ThocklerBlack Books 'Favorite Place' by Christophe Thockler
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It took 10,000 photos, 1 km (or 350 reels) of thread, 73,000 embroidery stitches, 6 kg of scraps of fabric, 100 needles and sewing pins and two months of painstaking work for Christophe Thockler to create this fantastic video for Black Books' Favorite Place, which could certainly be described as the first embroidered lyric video...

No wonder Christophe is also known as 'DaBrainKilla'. He writes: "A playful and (I hope) creative video for a powerful and melodic song by the american band Black Books. The aim was to create an energetic, fun and at the same time warm and intimate music video to illustrate the track. Cloth is very symbolic, warm, personal, and of course colorful, so, I chose to explore the world of sewing and play with material and tools."


Christophe Thockler

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