Atoms For Peace 'Ingenue' by Garth Jennings

Atoms For Peace 'Ingenue' by Garth JenningsAtoms For Peace 'Ingenue' by Garth Jennings
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Thom Yorke, Garth Jennings and Wayne McGregor created a landmark clip for Radiohead's Lotus Flower a couple of years ago. And now the gang is back together, in the services of side project Atoms For Peace - with the important addition of Fukiko Takase, Thom's dance partner and doppelganger.

And why not McGregor is a great choreographer, Thom can move, and developing on the phenomenon of Lotus Flower is a great idea for a song which has a similar groove. Its a bigger production - this one is going to be a bit more difficult to spoof - but just as hypnotic. And beautiful suits...


Garth Jennings
Wayne McGregor
Production Company
STK Films
Helen Power
Director of Photography
Nick Wood
Dominic Leung @ Trim
Paul Allen
Carol Hart

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