Jake Bugg 'Seen It All' by John Hardwick

Jake Bugg 'Seen It All' by John Hardwick
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John Hardwick makes a rare and very welcome return to music videos with this compelling drama for Jake Bugg's Seen It All, featuring talented British actor Michael Socha as a young man in a whole heap of trouble.

Shot in various locations around Glasgow by legendary DoP Danny Cohen, it's another slice of contemporary British life for the teenage troubadour, and like Jamie Thraves' excellent vid for Two Fingers, it's directed with aplomb by a master of the narrative music vid.

And this is in the vein of some of John's great Nineties vids for Blur, Travis and the like. Clocking in at only three minutes- in which Jake makes a fleeting appearance as the Socha character's table tennis opponent - it's a masterful exercise in concise storytelling - edited by John's regular collaborator Owen Oppenheimer - which ultimately provides a poignant twist...

And it arrives shortly before the release of John Hardwick's new movie, the British comedy Svengali, starring Martin Freeman and Vicky McClure (who plays Jake's mum in the Two Fingers video)...


John Hardwick
Production Company
Production Manager
Daniel Carter, Suzanne Reid
Executive Producer
Mike Wells
1st AD
Ray Kenny
Focus Puller
Scott Rodgers
Camera operator
Alasdair Boyce
Paul McGeachan
Paul B
Art Director
James Lapsey
Denise Coombes
Asst stylist
Owen Oppenheimer
Editing company
The Quarry

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