Mikill Pane 'Good Feeling' by The Pickering Bros

Mikill Pane 'Good Feeling' by The Pickering BrosMikill Pane 'Good Feeling' by The Pickering Bros
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New Mercury Records signing Mikill Pane plays the part of narrator, unravelling the exploits of a fresher hitting the student party circuit in this Pickering Bros-directed promo for new single Good Feeling.

"Pane tells the story of a young man starting out at university," explain the directing duo. "Our main character has had a tough upbringing and has never had a party before so he decides to throw one. However, before he does he needs to experience some other student parties first..."



The Pickering Bros
Production Company
NTSH LondonNTSH London website
Drew Morten
Director of Photography
Martin J Pickering
Joseph Crone
Art Director
Caroline Steiner
Martin J Pickering
Director's Representation
Debs Ramsey
Julia Frost

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