Lana Del Rey 'Burning Desire' (Jaguar Commercial) by Anthony Shurmer

Lana Del Rey 'Burning Desire' (Jaguar Commercial) by Anthony ShurmerLana Del Rey 'Burning Desire' (Jaguar Commercial) by Anthony Shurmer
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Following her win for Best International Female at the Brit Awards last week, Lana Del Rey calls on Anthony Shurmer to direct this creative hybrid of music promo and Jaguar car commercial soundtracked by her song Burning Desire.

Shot in Brockley, South East London, Anthony explains the ideas behind the unusual production:

"It was great to work with Lana Del Rey again, I'd previously shot some live sessions with her at The Corinthia in London and at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. Lana got in touch about directing the music video for her track Burning Desire which was being made in conjunction with Jaguar. The music video acts as an extended commercial for their new F-Type sports car.

"We wanted a strong performance from Lana but the video also had to look like a 'found' clip on YouTube so the whole thing is pretty raw and lo-fi which is great. We chose the Rivoli Ballroom in South London for the shoot because it lent itself so perfectly to the dark, cinematic mood that we wanted to create. Lana looked incredible as the original Hollywood starlet. She looks dangerously sexy but still has a fragility about her. She delivered a dark, intense and stunning performance.

"We edited the performance with Espen Haslene at Spring69. This performance would later be mixed with shots of the Jaguar and found vintage footage for the commercial at Smoke and Mirrors.


Anthony Shurmer/Spring69
Adam Farley
Director of Photography
Sy Turnbull
Johnny Blue Eyes
Anna Cofone
Espen Haslene, Anthony Shurmer
Director's Representation
Debs Ramsey @ YI London

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