Disclosure ft Aluna George 'White Noise' by Luke Monaghan

Disclosure ft Aluna George 'White Noise' by Luke MonaghanDisclosure ft Aluna George 'White Noise' by Luke MonaghanDisclosure ft Aluna George 'White Noise' by Luke Monaghan
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Luke Monaghan returns to music promos with this raw, dynamic and cinematic piece for UK dance wizards Disclosure's White Noise, beautifully shot in several derelict buildings in Detroit.

Scouted from the city streets, protagonist Kafani's brilliant expressive dance moves blend seamlessly with Luke's sharp direction - forming a unique accompaniment to the pounding soundtrack...


Luke Monaghan
Production Company
Production Manager
Laure Salgon
Director of Photography
Camera operator
Carl Ballou
Clapper Loader
Madeline Sekela
1st AD
Danni McClellan
Tyler Grimm
Director's Representation
OBmanagementOBmanagement website
Mike Mooney

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