Memory Tapes 'Let Me Be' by Eric Epstein

Memory Tapes 'Let Me Be' by Eric Epstein
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Eric Epstein's brilliant video for Memory Tapes' Yes I Know became one of the most unlikely (yet utterly worthy) Grammy nominees for Best Video last year. His new visualisation of a Memory Tapes song, for Let Me Be from new album Grace/Confusion, is a simpler affair.

Firstly, it's an excerpt rather than a full video. But it's still beautiful, spotlighting Asclepias Physocarpa, a strain of milkweed that looks eerily extraterrestrial.Eric's FX work in this is in lighting the plantlife, and orchestrating the lightshow of pods bursting into different colours as the track springs to life. It adds up to a tantalising teaser...


Eric Epstein
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