Silicone Ballet 'Slowly Slowly' by Sébastien Petretti

Silicone Ballet 'Slowly Slowly' by Sébastien PetrettiSilicone Ballet 'Slowly Slowly' by Sébastien Petretti
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In Sébastien Petretti's video for Silicone Ballet's Slowly Slowly, the relentless routine of a lonely warehouseman is finally lightened when he creates his own little magical world with strings of lights and wrapping tape.

"When I was a student I spent tons of hours in a warehouse repeating exactly the same movements eight hours a day - your mind just melts," he recalls. "When you work in this kind of environment you never get to see the daylight, you never meet anyone. You're just alone with a shitload of concrete, steel, cables, and what's left of your imagination. Then the fun starts..."


Sébastien Petretti
Director of Photography
Sylvain Freyens
Art Director
Bruno Darmstaedter
Ewin Ryckaert

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